Saving Sephanie -- Kathy Ivan

Saving Stephanie

After riding herd on the testosterone-filled agents at Carpenter Security, Stephanie Barnes has earned a little R & R. Her luxurious Costa Rican holiday is turned upside down when armed mercenaries overrun the villa. Taken hostage, she’s forced to use her wits to keep the others calm and the situation from spiraling out of control.

Etienne Boudreau is counting the hours until the end of his mandated time off. All it takes is one harried S.O.S. message from his brother to catapult him into action. Enlisting the aid of Commander Hurt of the Riverton SEALs, Etienne scrambles to assemble a team for the most important rescue of his life.

Deep in the Costa Rican jungle, secrets, deception, and hidden threats are uncovered. Desire heats up as Etienne and Stephanie struggle to find their way out of danger. Can they thwart an egotistical madman hellbent on revenge, or will time run out?